Welcome to www.GettingToZeroSf.org!

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June 17, 2015
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Welcome to www.GettingToZeroSf.org!

Hello San Francisco and the Getting to Zero Consortium-

This website is born June 11, 2015, following six packed weeks of development, content creation and community feedback. The goal of the website is to provide a platform to share information, increase our ability to communicate (a key facilitator of the collective impact model) and cross-pollinate ideas between committees and amongst the consortium. My hope is the website is easy to navigate and helpful in sharing our Getting to Zero SF work.

Key features of this website include a calendar of events – no more wondering, who, what or when. You are able to add your own G2Z events to the google calendar with the webpage updating every 10 minutes for an acurate listing of upcoming events.

Each committee page was reviewed by the co-chairs and in addition to an overview contains a link to the individual commitee membership lists (which are edited and updated by commitee chairs) and has space for resources – becoming a one stop shop for an overview of each commitee’s work. Getting to Zero consortium members are invited to submit blog posts and have the option of that blog post also posting to their associated committee page.

The entire community can be thanked for their input voting on our new logo and sharing ideas for the website content. Special thanks to Instituto Familiar de la Raza’s Armando Hernandez for a thorough and thoughtful review of every page for content and clarity. HIVE’s Caroline Watson reviewed the entire website to make sure our language put people first and modeled ending stigma with our words. Finally, Diane Havlir provided critical feedback in the early website development to increase the website functionality. Special thanks to web developer Tony Antony for working harder and longer than I’d anticipated and bringing his strategic thinking to every session.

Last week after final edits were made to the website, I hosted five community pop-up feedback sessions in the Tenderloin, Mission Bay, the Mission, Bayview and the Castro. THANK YOU to those who attended. The support is immensely appreciated and your edits have been incorporated. We are now ready. Set. GO!

My best, Shannon Weber

IMG_1501 2Deundra Hundon, active with theThird Street Corridor Revitilization project, during the Bayview pop up event.



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