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November 25, 2015
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Notes from the R&R Committee planning retreat

The Retention and Re-engagement committee (R&R) of the Getting to Zero Consortium is working to assure that HIV+ San Franciscans have access to and are consistently engaged in care and treatment through utilization of core medical and wrap-around support services so they may achieve optimal quality of life and health outcomes, as well as support a reduction in new infections. On Friday, September 11 and 18, the R&R Committee gathered a diverse panel of experts from across the SF HIV System of Care for a planning retreat to collectively establish the aforementioned goal, identify how to achieve it, and measure progress. The group agreed that broad headline indicators toward success should be measured through metrics related to:

  1. Virologic suppression
  2. Retention in core medical care and wrap-around support services
  3. Re-engagement by out-of-care patients

Additionally, consensus was reached that the following unmet need indicators are essential in understanding progress:

  • Support services waiting lists with emphasis on the needs surrounding case management and navigation for clients with acute and chronic medical and psychosocial needs
  • Mental health service needs that are unmet, as identified by clients and providers
  • Substance abuse service needs that are unmet, as identified by clients and providers
  • Housing needs for homeless and unstably housed patients
  • Food insecurity as identified and measured by clients and providers
  • Quality of life needs specific to socioeconomic security, psychosocial and physical health and well-being

Retreat participants agreed that the SF HIV System of Care clearly has many positive attributes contributing to retention and re-engagement goals. Many challenges exist, however, that present barriers to bending the curve of the epidemic. The planning retreat contributed greatly to the R&R committee’s understanding of how we can capitalize on the strengths to conquer the challenges that prevent us from being the first city to realize collective Getting to Zero goals.

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